Webinar Series

Insurance in M&A Transactions


Webinar - September 14, 2020

European Trends in Transactional Risk Insurance

The first webcast "European Trends in Transactional Risk Insurance" by Dr. Philipp Giessen (Marsh) & Dr. Sebastian Pauls (Latham & Watkins) from the M&A REVIEW EUROPE webinar series "Insurance in M&A Transactions" provides a comprehensive overview of the current market environment and new products for insuring transactional risks and highlights current W&I insurance parameters (including costs, coverage and deductibles), new products (such as synthetic W&I covers and products covering known risks) and W&I loss statistics.

Webinar - September 16, 2020

Impact of Corona Pandemic on the M&A Insurance Market

The good news upfront: In the opinion of many market participants, the M&A market will recover rather soon from the disturbances caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, which was declared a pandemic by the WHO on 11 March 2020. However, the Corona Pandemic’s mid and long-term consequences for the M&A and M&A insurance market but are expected to be significant. Even prior to the Corona Pandemic outbreak, experts predicted a downturn in the European M&A market and an increasing number of insolvency proceedings due to the general economic developments. These trends have been fueled by the Corona induced shutdown. 

Many thanks to our top experts Dr. Mirjam Boche (Arqis), Gennadiy Kharif (Howden M&A), Dr. Markus Messinger (Liberty GTS) and Dr. Murad M. Daghles (White & Case) for the lively discussion on September 16, 2020.

Dr. Mirjam Boche (Arqis)
Gennadiy Kharif (Howden M&A)
Dr. Markus Messinger (Liberty GTS)
Dr. Murad M. Daghles (White & Case)

Webinar - September 22, 2020

W&I in Practice - Recent Case Studies

The experts of Liberty Global Transaction Solutions Markus Messinger (Head of Northern Europe), Nicholas Lunn (Head of Southern Europe), and Samuel Whiteman (Head of London & Emerging Markets) have shown in the M&A REVIEW web briefing how insurance in M&A Transactions works in practice.

Dr. Markus Messinger (Head of Northern Europe, Liberty GTS)
Nicholas Lunn (Head of Southern Europe, Liberty GTS)
Samuel K. Whiteman (Head of London & Emerging Markets, Liberty GTS)

Webinar - September 24, 2020

Tax Insurance - New Instrument for managing transfer pricing risks

The market for tax insurance (TI) is currently undergoing vivid change as more and more insurers are interested in covering known tax risks and are in particular looking at transfer pricing risks (TP risks). Many insurers have insured TP risks in the past several years while others are now interested in exploring their business options with TP risks. This creates a beneficial market environment for companies to pass on their TP risks on to an insurer.

Alexander Skuratovski (Marsh Germany) and Michael Freudenberg (KPMG) discuss in this M&A REVIEW EUROPE web briefing how tax insurance supports M&A transactions.

The presentation can be found here!

Alexander Skuratovski (Marsh)
Michael Freudenberg (KPMG)

Webinar - September 25, 2020

M&A insurance on Carve-out Transactions

There are several ways M&A insurance can effectively mitigate a variety of risks regularly occurring on carve-out transactions, yet a number of important steps and requirements need to be considered early on in the process to implement an appropriate solution for both sellers and buyers.

The webinar lead by Gennadiy Kharif (Howden M&A) and Markus Messinger (Liberty Mutual Global Risk Solutions) will show some of the key aspects to be considered from a W&I insurance perspective to make a carve-out transaction a success.

Webinar - September 28, 2020

Insuring Environmental Risks in M&A Transactions

Environmental issues are an increasing risk due to a public focus on environmental protection, rapidly changing regulations and uncertainty surrounding historical pollution events. Particularly in M&A transactions, environmental risks can constitute obstacles, and even result in a deal breaker. Usually, the buyer has limited knowledge of historical site activities and the potential for future claims emerging from undetectable pollution, while the assessment of potential pollution liabilities can differ strongly between seller and buyer. Typically used within transactions for many years in the US, Pollution Legal Liability (“PLL”) insurances have been adapted to Continental Europe requirements over the last years to cover costs and liability risks arising from pollution and environmental damages due to historical site activities. 

The webinar presented by Marius Friedrich and Dr. Christoph Mocklinghoff (both MARSH) provides an overview about the key aspects to be considered when you work with environmental risk insurance topics.